6.5 billion texels later…

Now that Broken Age Act 1 is done and available to the general public I started to do some post-launch stuff like catching up on sleep, meeting with friends and playing games I missed out on.

I also spend some time reflecting on the past 22 month of Broken Age development and I got to say it was an amazing journey for me! Working on a brand new and modern point-and-click adventure game with Tim is definitely a dream come true for me.

Since I was the first programmer on the project I wrote the first line of code for Broken Age, which is amazing and incredibly humbling. A few days after the official start of development Redbot was created and the game looked like this:

Redbot's Adventure

22 month and about 6.5 billion texels (texture pixels) later Broken Age has turned into this stunningly beautiful game:

Dialog Tree!

It is such an honor to be part of this amazing team and I’m very proud of how Broken Age has turned out… and it’s not even completely done yet. 🙂

I’ll end this post with a few words from Russell Watson: “It’s been a long road getting from there to here. It’s been a long time but my time is finally near.”

2 thoughts on “6.5 billion texels later…

  1. soy_yuma

    Congratulations! I enjoyed Broken Age Act 1 from the beginning to the end. It’s a wonderful game that works seamlessly in almost anything! That’s a huge technical achievement (I hope you get a special badge in your personal achievement board ;-))


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