I agree with my colleague David Gardner that adventure games aren’t dead. They just seemed to be standing still though. It is true that there were many excellent adventure games (with a large production value) in the last couple of years, but few tried to move the genre forward.

And then there was Resonance! It’s very traditional and really progressive at the same time. So if you enjoy the ‘old school’ adventure look, an excellent near-future Sci-Fi story or if you simply would like to experience the next evolutionary step in the adventure genre then you shouldn’t hesitate and get a copy of the game.

What impressed me most about Resonance is that developer xiigames succeeded to add something new and exciting to the proven adventure game formula. One of my favorite new features is the ‘short term memory’ which allows you to drag objects or characters into it, so that they can then be used as topics in conversations with other characters. It makes so much sense and feels very natural. In fact while playing the game I was wondering how I played other adventures without this feature.

In addition to moving the genre forward Resonance also has a fantastic story with multiple story twists. There are few games that surprise me in terms of plot development, but Resonance certainly managed to do just that.

I really have nothing bad to say about the game and I’m not alone. Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku and many other high profile game review sites praise the game.

3 thoughts on “Resonance

  1. Nikolaos Patsiouras

    Hi Oliver,
    I’m Nikos,one of the beta testers of Resonance(i should be there in the credits :P).One quick correction,the developer is mainly Vince Twelve and xiigames.Wadjet Eye is the publisher and assistand developer though most of the work was done by Vince Twelve and xiigames including story,mechanics etc.Dave and Janet Gilbert work with small studios to help publish their games and help with getting their game past the beta stage as well as polishing it by calling in beta testers(they have a long list of people they’ve used before and they usually post their need for new ones through twitter or facebook).Same was done with Primordia(another game i’ve tested) which was developed by Wormwood Studios.

    PS:great blog and awesome work on your behalf.


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